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Monday, 25 July 2016

My Tomato Plants Were Doing Great Until...

So I was trying to grow some tomatoes for the first time, with the help and guidance of my hubby... well he did most of the work, but anyways, it was a first-hand experience for me and it was going great. I chose a small patch in one corner of the yard to grow 2 tomato plants. I figured two was a good number for beginners.

I actually forgot all about them until one day, I noticed some plump green things growing out from the plants...

I was sooooo excited. It was like, "Omg. There are tomatoes on those plants! Look! One... two... three... omg, there are like EIGHT tomatoes growing all together!! I couldn't believe it. (Can you tell I've never grown a darn thing in my life before?)

They were green and plump and I was curious when they were going to start turning red. My hubby explained they were heirloom tomatoes (whatever that meant), and they were going to get much bigger before turning red. I thought some were big enough already!

A week passed by and as I waited impatiently, I noticed something bright green laying over yonder on the adjoining fence.

I zoomed in for a closer look...

It looked like one of my tomatoes.

Then I noticed another one...

And yet another...

I instinctively looked over at my tomato plants and noticed there were a few missing. Grrr. I was not a happy camper. I couldn't even focus the camera properly. I was wondering who stole my tomatoes! I couldn't prove it but I was pretty sure it was the squirrels. We feed them a lot but haven't been able to do so as much lately and It's been extremely hot the past few weeks. Perhaps they were hungry... or thirsty and thought my tomatoes looked refreshing? Some friends suggested it could be other animals like raccoons or possums or... who knows what else.

I was so disappointed and immediately shouted out to my hubby, "Let's put hot sauce on them. They put that sh¡t on everything!" So we painted what was left of the remaining tomatoes, with hot sauce.

It was starting to look like Christmas in July.

A few days went by and no more tomatoes were touched. But it seemed they have gotten smarter and chewed through the branch itself. 

Grr. Now I'm left with half the tomatoes - 4! Let's hope those ones will survive - so we can eat them!

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