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Thursday, 30 June 2016

A Graduation-Cap (Mold Pan) Cake Attempt

This cake did not turn out to look how I had hoped for. In fact, when I was through with it, I kind of felt bad for my son when I presented it to him on his graduation day, (he graduated from Grade 12 this year), but thankfully he didn't really care, and he loved the taste. As usual with most of the desserts I make - they may not look the greatest but (more often than not), they taste delicious!

I used a basic Yellow Cake box mix, for the cake, custard for the filling and topped it all off with your basic butter cream frosting.

I bought one of those Wilton Graduation Cap Pan on Amazon for about $10. (I had just finish washing it, hence some suds on the outside of the pan):

Pretty cool huh?

Time to try it out.

I sprayed the pan down thoroughly with cooking spray before pouring the batter in but I guess that wasn't good enough because after it was done baking...

... and out of the pan, I really couldn't make out the design on top of the cake.

What the hell? Where exactly does the tassel start? I could barely see the design. 

Oh well, 'I will just have to swing it', I thought to myself, and acted like I knew what I was doing.

Now I wished I would have taken pictures of how I cut the cake in half, (using my Wilton Cake Leveler), added the custard and then frosted it all but I was so into what I was doing (and getting frustrated at the same time) that taking photos was the last thing on my mind.

When it was all said and done, this was the end result.

At this point I was still learning how to decorate a cake with frosting so I was more experimenting with those icing tips more than anything else, lol.

Pretty sad-looking huh? Oh well. We can't all be experts. Good thing it tasted way better than it looked!

Happy Graduation 2016 son!

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