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Hi there!  Welcome to nJARS. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m Kath. My hubby, 'Jack', and I love to cook. Well, he loves to cook, I love to eat. He can’t bake though, so that’s where I come in.

Here we share with you and give you the straight up on the many recipes we’ve tried and will be trying  (and the disasters that go along with some of them). The recipes we find are often from other recipe sites online, ones we come across in magazines or books, ones that are handed down to us, or just recipes of our own that we’ve made over the years but don’t have a clue as to where they came from. (All credits given to recipes where applicable.)

The funny thing is, when it comes to certain recipes (such as chocolate chip cookies), we never seem to make them the same way twice. But through a bit of research, (and many, many batches of cookies later), we’ve discovered why certain things turn out the way they do (or don’t), and we’ll share these tips and any other food-related ones along with you!

Kath testing out a freshly baked muffin!
Eating is my hobby…

We Don't Do Calories
If counting calories is what it's all about for you then this is not the site for you. Many recipe sites have calorie counts but does anyone really check them? Are they accurate? Do we care? No. Why? Because in the end, all we really care about is that the food tastes good. If you want to watch your calories - eat less.
Having said that, I, eat EVERYTHING - the good, the bad and the bizarre, so that means I'll be sharing HEALTHY recipes (for you health-conscious folks), as well!


nJARS is yet another blog owned and operated by SCG Niagara.
SCG Niagara originally started off as one site which turned into two… then three… then four (you get the picture), but having a FOOD website has always been on the back of our minds. We were forever putting it off because of the trillions of food websites out there on the web (hence the reason behind our site name, nJARS), but in the end, our love for food and cooking prevailed.

We research a great deal in a day when looking for articles of interest for our other sites and every so often we stumble upon some good (and bad) recipes and one thing we’ve seen time and time again is recipes that are rated 5-star are always more often than not, altered by the rater which begs the question – “are you rating THE ACTUAL RECIPE 5-star or The Actual Recipe YOU'VE altered, 5-star?

Regardless, changing an ingredient or two to suit one’s taste is not only totally acceptable, unavoidable and inevitable, but it is also expected! We all learn from these tips. Practically all the recipes we’ve tried online – we’ve altered ourselves. We are not famous cooks with a fancy kitchen. We’re just your honest home cooks who love to whip up things in the kitchen like everyone else – most times, on a budget!

Join us as we venture on some cooking mayhem and learn a few things along the way.

(All photos are copyrighted and are taken by us – unless otherwise stated.)

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