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Friday, 30 September 2016

Tips 'n Tricks(#7): DON'T Toss Out that Flat Wine or Champagne just yet!

And all this time I kept dumping out my favourite wine when it went flat. No more wasted wine for me!

Monday, 19 September 2016

Favourite Food Quote (#7): "Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit..."

Favourite food quote for this week...

Amen to that! 


Monday, 5 September 2016

Melt-in-your-mouth NUTELLA-filled Choco Chip Cookies

(*melt-in-your-mouth on the day of baking, after that, it's like a regular (albeit delicious) chocolate chip cookie with a hint of Nutella!)

Two of my favourite yummies coming together as one in this recipe - Nutella and chocolate chip cookies. There are a million recipes for this cookie out there so we thought it was time to give it a try.

This was an easy-to-make (yet delicious), chocolate chip cookie recipe with a dollop of Nutella inside... or all over as it was the case for me because it's one thing to put some Nutella on top but it's a whole other drama trying to contain that Nutella inside the cookie as you pinch it together and roll it. What a mess! But it was worth it.

No type of mixing tool (hand-held or otherwise), was needed for this recipe - I just used a spatula! It was really simple to make.